08 November 2007

Welcome to the Jungle

He's ba-ack! Mere daysd before he would rejoin his team on the field after being suspended for the first half of the season, wide receiver Chris Henry rejoined his team where they are usually mired--in the middle of a controversy. Henry was involved in a dispute with a parking lot employee over $5. Who dey think gonna convict them Bengals?

Speaking of controversies, America's favorite goon squad Blackwater is back in the news, this time involving reports of Blackwater thugs shooting three guards protecting members of Iraqi media in a balcony, killing two of them and wounding another unprovoked. Blackwater is rumored to be coming up with a new slogan: Shoot first, answer questions later.

Pat Robertson is endorsing America's mayor Rudy Giuliani for President. Robertson, the controversial television personality, is urging Christians to support Rudy despite his past record of supporting things that run contrary to most of what Christians are supposed to believe in. Apparently the 700 Club will get behind any candidate that supports the doctrine of Christ--marital infidelity, abortion and screwing public servants. Rudy for President!

What is lacks in controversy, the latest stock dip certainly makes up for in creating an image of certain economic doom. Analysts predict that the stock drop may be an indication of a forthcoming economic problem. Who could have imagined a forthcoming problem under leadership like this?

Finally, in another type of controversy that just won't seem to go away, China is brewing up a new batch of toy quandary. This latest batch comes in the form of date rape drugs contaminating children's toys. The real issue here is how did China come up with this idea before the Catholic Church came up with the idea of GHB on children's toys?

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