01 October 2008


I got a chance to try the lunch buffet at the oddly-spelled Chutnys on Campus View near 270 and 23. The korma was absolutely amazing. I'm definitely going to have to try the full menu on for size at a future date.

The buffet had three vegetarian entrees (cauliflower korma, a veggie curry and a mild, nutty green bean dish). It came with papadums and dosas, and naan could also be ordered. There was a large chutney bar. There also were spinach pakoras (which I would consider a starter) as well as two soups (sambhar, the South Indian specialty, and lentil soup).

The interior is nicely appointed. The front sign is a banner, and the street signage refers to the space's previous tenant. The proprietor of Chutnys formerly ran Maharajas and recently returned from India. The menu I saw posted on the window seemed very vegetarian friendly. I'll definitely be back.


Anonymous said...

There is a placeholder website for Chutnys at www.chutnys.com. I wish I could see the full menu.

deraj1013 said...

The picture in my slide show shows the menu from the grand opening. My understanding is that the menu is half North Indian, half South Indian. I can't say for sure based upon eating the buffet what they would offer or what the best items are. I should be in for dinner soon. I can definitely say then.

deraj1013 said...

Oh...no mas. Chutnys has closed down

Columbus Dispatch article

Anonymous said...

They're back - they just reopened under new management yesterday (3/12). Food is excellent as ever!!