15 October 2008

News on factory farming

There are numerous situations in day-to-day life where the correct ethical decision is apparent. This is evident in the situation of animal rights related to factory farming. Deplorable conditions and cruel treatment of animals at factory farms creates environmental, health and ethical dilemmas that far outweigh the benefits of cheap milk, meat and eggs.

California is moving toward changing the cruel conditions of the mega-assembly line factory farms with the proposed Proposition 2 that is before voters on the ballot. This ballot option would require farms to allow farm animals enough space to move around freely. Current conditions in egg production and other farming operations often involve animals being kept in tiny cages in cruel conditions with little regard for the animals' health and well being.

This issue was covered by the L.A. Times and in an opinion piece in U.S. News & World Report. I don't live in California, but if I did, I'd support Proposition 2 to ease my karma and conscious if I did. Farmers will find a way to make a living. The caged animals get no vote, so the election is the only chance for their rights to be guaranteed.

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