30 July 2007


Flatlanders is a derogatory term used by people in hilly Wisconsin to deride people from glaciated Illinois. Flatlander's is an establishment with great brews and very good food located down on the plain in Lincolnshire, Ill. Sample across the menu, because their wares are top notch.

This is another of the Chicago area's finest brew pubs. The nitrogenated stout (called the Locomotive Stout) is made in the style of Guinness without the enormous production quantities, and it tastes very, very good. It's cappuccino notes are cleansed nicely by the creamy texture of the frothy nitrogen. The Abe's Honest Ale is a clean beer with a delicate sweetness and a hint of flowery hops that balance the flavor profile.

The brew pub also offers great seasonal beers that change regularly. The 90 Shilling Ale and the Grand Cru were both excellent. The building is enormous, with a bar area with multiple tables, patio seating and a cavernous dining area equipped with fireplaces and nicely appointed areas that are completely separate from the bar area.

The pub is located just north of Half Day Road (so named because of it's distance in a horse-drawn carriage ride back in the day to Chicago) on Milwaukee Avenue. I could walk there from my hotel facility while drinking tasty beer and eating good food, so the horse-drawn carriage was not necessary.

They do serve their full menu very late, so you can enjoy the food with it's clearly marked vegetarian selections (I love it!) and order on your first beer or your 14th. The bar also features a great whisky and whiskey selection, alongside a nice range of mixed drinks that includes an entire menu of Big Ten school martinis.

This is a fantastic restaurant with great beer, so it's a great place to eat and drink at any hour before 2 a.m. It is located slightly north of the mainstream of Chicago, but offers options that are well worth sampling if you get the chance.The bands can run the gamut from terrible to not so terrible, so reading the local media might help determine if the entertainment will ruin your evening. Aside from these warnings, if you like beer and well-crafted American dining options, Flatlander's should work for you.

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