06 July 2007

Gratuitous Gore and Violence

Al Gore III is busy worrying his father while he supports the environment. The Gore family had little to say about their son's arrest for marijuana and prescription drugs. If Al Gore Jr. was trying to keep a lid on this issue, appearing on Larry King Live is not the best way to approach the situation. If nothing else, the environmentally conscious Gore can trumpet the 100-mph speed achieved by the hybrid Prius. Al Gore: Saving the environment one burnout at a time.

George Bush's base of support in Iraq is eroding with New Mexico Senator Pete Domenici (R) throwing his support behind a withdrawl effort for Iraq. At this point, John McCain, Dick Cheney, George Bush, Bill O'Reilly and Al-Qaeda in Iraq are the only people who still support this war.

On the other front, civilian casualties in Afghanistan are substantially increasing. I don't know who is keeping score here, but it seems like everybody is losing the war on terror.

Now that Mayor Bloomberg might have maybe possibly could have thought about considering running for President, the glare of the spotlight is turned on his predecessor (and Republican Presidential candidate) Rudy Giuliani. Hopefully the lights don't call attention to Rudy's interesting taste in makeup.

The other side of the fence is made up of contenders and pretenders, as is the Republican ticket. One of the Democrats flying under the radar is Joe Biden, a candidate who isn't afraid to shoot from the hip. Of course, the American public has proven time and again that name recognition trumps real qualifications any day of the week.

Europe, a continent that seems to be perpetually 10 years ahead of the U.S., expressed privacy concerns about Google acquiring online advertising giant DoubleClick. The right to privacy is expressly protected in Europe, while it is not protected by law in the United States. The only thing that keeps people from becoming very upset with Google is the fact that the other side of the competition is the even more deplorable Microsoft.

Judea Pearl authored a powerful editorial about extremism and the message in the movie "A Mighty Heart." The film is about Pearl's son Daniel, a journalist who was killed in Pakistan by Al- Qaeda. You will get nothing but support from me regarding any editorial that criticizes Hollywood's myopic shortsightedness.

Local weird news starts off in the sports section. Ohio fans who were disappointed by Ohio State's appearances in the football and basketball national championships, Cavs fans who were disappointed by the team getting swept by the Spurs, and Reds fans who are waiting on OU alum Bob Brenly to lead them out of the basement have a new sport to keep them interested. Representatives from the Animal Protective League are reporting a steady increase in cockfighting in Ohio. If Ohio State puts together a team, they'll probably get blown out by Florida's cockfighting team.

Finally, the Village Voice ran a great article about career change options. Cake baker Chaka Raysor worked with children's birthday cakes for a decade before his old career habits caught up with him. Raysor's previous job? He was a drug gang kingpin wanted for murder and trafficking. He outran the police by flying under the radar in Brooklyn. If you thought sugary cake gets your kids amped up, give them sugary cake made by a former crack dealer to really get their mojo working.

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