02 July 2007

Barry, Bush and Mr. Condom walk into a bar...

There he is, your starting National League left fielder Barry Bonds (although he will wear a Giants hat to the game rather than a Paula Abdul wig). There are a host of complaints about the game as there are every year. The MLB All Star Game is like the abusive boyfriend to the fans' desperate girlfriend...he treats her badly and lets her down, but for some unknown reason she keeps going back for more.

The U.S. military is taking a better late than never approach to an issue that hopefully isn't a day late and a dollar short. The Pentagon authorized 17,700 new highly armored vehicles that will be used to protect soldiers from the expanding use of improvised explosive devices and explosively formed penetrators in Iraq. The only thing our soldiers will be missing after the new vehicles are dispatched is a clearly defined mission and a competent leader.

Bush's video game long-range missile shield plan hit an unexpected roadblock with skepticism growing not only in Russia with Putin but also in countries like Poland and the Czech Republic, two longtime Washington allies. At this point, I'm not convinced Bush could sell the reanimated remains of Cy Young, Christy Mathewson, Satchel Paige and Ty Cobb to the Yankees for some nosebleed season tickets.

If nothing else, our great President has begun to consult academics on international and historic information gathering sessions. He must be catching up from the absence of learning he achieved in his hard-partying pre-White House days (daze).

Britain is seeking to establish an Al Qaeda link to the SUV-on-fire assassins that succeeded in doing very little but stressing out the bomb squad and screwing up air traffic. The attack was led by a Kurd from in Iran, proving that Western efforts in the Middle East have now effectively pissed everybody off.

Finally, the day has arrived: Barack Obama has pulled ahead of Hillary Ro-dogg Clinton in campaign funding. I have never rooted more for the letters BO than I am right now. BO smells like it has a much better chance of winning than HRC.

The International Herald Tribune (a.k.a. the New York Times' early early morning addition) ran an interesting report on people who make it their life's work to screw over the scumbags who run e-mail scams looking to defraud people. That is great part is that the Web creates the means for international criminals to scam people while also creating an interactive marketplace where the public can scam them right back. Bravo!

NYC is trans-fat free...almost. There is a limit of trans-fats in food that cannot be exceeded, and baked goods and other items will have a one year grace period. That should extend Artie Lange's lifespan by 18 to 22 hours at the minimum to say the least.

In an effort to increase condom use nationwide, India is trying something started recently in Thailand aimed at spreading the message--naming a national Mr. Condom. I don't follow Bollywood cinema, but with a six pack like that I'm guessing actor/model Dino Morea probably has plowed through his fair share of condoms. I nominate Dino for the post.

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