11 October 2007

India Corner

What used to be Dosa Corner, a South Indian vegetarian restaurant take out/buffet in Lewis Center, has now become India Corner, a North/South Indian vegetarian take out/buffet. Dosa Corner still exists on Henderson Road, and it looks like the Lewis Center institution may be under new ownership--hence the new name.

They offer a $5.99 lunch buffet with crispy lentil pancakes, rice with lentils and spicy green peppers, an almond curry dish, okra and a battered vegetable dish that was the hottest of the mostly mild fare. There is basmati rice, gulab jamun (honeyed doughnuts) and a variety of greens and sauces alongside the sambhar.

The okra was excellent, as were the curry and the fried vegetables. It is difficult to complain about a $5.99 buffet. There is definitely higher quality Indian food available in and around the area, including but not limited to Cuisine of India and Bay Leaf Bistro. But this is a huge step up from most of the other six dollar lunch options in the area because you'd at least be getting some vegetables for lunch. On the plus side, you can also get great beer and wine to accompany your meal at From the Vine further down the plaza during dinner time. I didn't see beer for sale, so maybe they'd allow you to BYOB.

Check out the pictures below.

India Corner

Special note: India Corner has transformed once again. Now they are known as Andhra Spice. They are no longer strictly vegetarian, but they have many vegetarian items on the menu.