26 October 2007

Starliner Diner

Starliner Diner is an old standby in Hilliard, combining kitschy decor with carefully prepared Cuban, Italian and American dishes. Although not entirely vegetarian, the Diner features enough selections from their diverse menu to keep all shades of the vegetarian crowd satisfied.

The restaurant is many things to many people. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. They have Cuban, Mexican, Italian, Cajun and American food on the menu. The decor is a combination of 1950s paraphernalia, sci-fi space graphics and Cuban artifacts. The elements fuse nicely, giving the Starliner Diner an undeniable charm.

I started off with the Chiles Rellenos, which were two poblano peppers stuffed with cheese and cilantro in a smoked chile sauce. It was absolutely delicious, with the cheese and citrus notes of the filling tempering the rich smoke from the peppers and the sauce.

My main course was vegetable pizza bread sandwich, which was virtually a stir fried vegetable calzone that was folded rather than being completely sealed off. It was filled with broccoli, cauliflower, red onions, carrots and red peppers in soy sauce with a side of chips and finely chopped pico de gallo salsa. It was a massive sandwich, which also appeared on the menu in a different form as the cheeseless pizza. There were many other veggie dishes available on the menu.

The one caveat about Starliner is the prices. While to food is very good, it is definitely more expensive then your typical breakfast or lunch diner. My entree, appetizer and pop came to a total of $20 without tip. If you are expecting a little more out of your breakfast or lunch experience, though, it is definitely worth the price.

Check out the photographs below, and check out the Starliner.

Starliner Diner
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