19 October 2007

Las Margaritas

Yeah, I'm really falling apart here. I'm reviewing cookie cutter restaurants with more in common than most fast food joints. But take it easy on me--I'm eating out with some friends and family with less adventurous palates than mine, so the neighborhood Las Margaritas offered me veggie-friendly fare while they could get all the traditional Mexican fare that their stomach could handle. Plus, I'm not going to complain about any establishment with big Don Julio, Patron and Corralejo margaritas. So eat that, foodie snob!

Las Margaritas is exactly what it appears to be...a classic Americanized Mexican restaurant with combo platters consisting of tacos, burritos and enchiladas served beside refried beans and other Mexican accoutrements with the endless bowls of chips and salsa and 400 different flavors or margaritas. The place is almost interchangeable with El Vaquero and many other eateries in this faux-authentic style. The menu offers a number of vegetarian selections, including the quesadilla, the bean enchilada and tostada (pictured above).

The drinks elevate the meal, but be warned...two of these drinks usually put a hurting on me. Enjoy the pictures, and don't criticize me too badly for enjoying the margaritas with good people who wanted Mexican rather than experimental fusion cuisine.

Las Margaritas

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