24 October 2007

Ween--Lifestyles Community Pavilion

The Boognish was unleashed upon the 614 last night when Ween brought the traveling circus to Lifestyles Community Pavilion.

The show, while not one of Ween's best, featured a mix of their old favorites and the tracks from the latest album "La Cucaracha," which was released Tuesday.

Ween still plays an entertaining live show, and the latest tour was no different.

The newest album has a few tracks that are winners. This year, I haven't laughed as hard as I did when Deaner sang the lyrics, "She's gonna be my cock professor, studying my dick. She's gonna get a master's degree in fucking me!" in the song "With My Own Bare Hands." Only Ween could succeed in making misogyny rock so hard.

A few other tracks from the new album (including "Friends" and "Spirit Walker") were mixed together with tracks from the classic albums. Songs came from "The Mollusk," "Chocolate and Cheese," "Quebec," "The Pod,""Pure Guava," "12 Golden Country Classics," and "White Pepper."

The show ended with the super funky, Princed-up song "L.M.L.Y.P." (a song that has a fairly obscene lyrics if you take the time to look them up).

The stage was rushed by a throng of nubile girlies who were all about grinding on stage while one particular young lady with extremely low self esteem made sure to flash her boobies to the crowd. And no, I didn't get video of the experience. I'm sure she'll spend much of the rest of her life trying to live down the things she does when she starts drinking. I don't need to aid in her downfall.

One of the other parts of Ween shows that makes everything worthwhile is the crowd. You get an interesting mix of older indie kids, jam band-loving hippies, characters dressed in drag and other attire, the gay community hoping for another rendition of the song "Homo Rainbow," and straight-laced straight people who are discovering Boognish for the first time. The audience creates a synergistic effect along with the music that is greater than the sum of its parts.

The show was fun. There wasn't quite the energy or the intensity of the "White Pepper" shows, nor the big band community of "12 Golden Country Classics" tours.

Still, the back catalog of Ween hits makes any show enjoyable. It might not have been the best Ween show I've ever seen, but a bad Ween show beats the tar out of a good Silverchair or Insane Clown Posse (two upcoming Lifestyles acts) any day of the week.

Make sure to check out the pictures and short video clips below that come to us thanks to Ween's recording-friendly policies. (I'll add updates periodically.)


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