18 May 2009

The Bean's Happy Hour is B-A-N-A-N-A-S

I have previously raved about the food at Banana Bean. I live within walking distance of the original location, so I go there more often than I go to the Banana Bean on Greenlawn. Now that I've discovered the Banana Bean Happy Hour, I may actually establish a permanent residence at the front table.

Some of the great features of the Happy Hour include:
  • $2 off the enormous sandwiches
  • Free chips and mango habanero salsa
  • $2 'Ritas and Hemingways
  • $1 Domestics and $3 imports

And it wasn't discounted, but the Sting Ray pizza was awesome. Fresh mozzarella, roma tomatoes, habanero peppers and lime sauce are the ingredients in a pie that is equal parts Italian and Caribbean. There is a 3-pizzas-for$20 special for those looking for discounts, too. Coupled with the drink specials, The Bean is a great way to roll up a fun dinner in a modest price range.

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Columbus Foodie said...

I'm not a happy hour kind of gal, but I love love love Banana Bean Cafe's Happy Hour. You can put my permanent seat right next to yours. ;)

deraj1013 said...

I'll eat at 3 in the morning if they take $2 off my sandwich. The added benefit for this happy hour is that it is equally beneficial to the drinkers and the designated driver alike. Either way, I see many sweet potato fries in my future.