03 May 2009

Hurricane Brewing

Hurricane Brewing is a brew pup in Downtown Mobile with six or seven brews on tap. Five of them are produced by the on-site brewing facilities.

Hurricane features typical pub grub with a requisite number of vegetarian options including pizza, macaroni and cheese, cheese sticks, chips and salsa, and quesadillas.

The Storm Surge Stout is coal black. The carbonation is full. The aroma is a complex blend of maple, coffee and chocolate with a hint of smokiness. The finish is medium long, and the hop character evidences itself on the back end.

Some of the other regular brews include the Insurance Adjuster Pale Ale, Projected Path Amber Ale, and the Floating Car Amber Ale. The seasonal offerings are the Flying Debris Mardi Gras Ale, Category Four Leaf Irish Ale, an ever-changing wheat beer and an Octoberfest. The guest taps were Brooklyn Brown and Woodchuck Cider.

Hurricane Brewing

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