11 May 2009

Cafe du Monde

Located across the street from historic Jackson Square, Café du Monde is home to some of New Orleans' most famous beignets. The French doughnut is a deep fried dough fritter covered in powdered sugar. It is typically dunked in coffee like its American cousins.

The closest Americanized equivalent of beignets is the fair food known as elephant ears. Beignets are one of the simple pleasures of New Orleans breakfasts.

The cafe au lait at Café du Monde is blended with chicory. Chicory gives coffee a deeper roasted flavor. According to the Café du Monde Web site and a cursory look at history, chicory came into use during the French Civil War when coffee became scarce, and was brought to Louisiana by the Acadians.

Café du Monde is hopping busy in the mornings. However, since it is open 24/7, you should have plenty of opportunities to sample the fare at New Orleans' original coffee stand.

Cafe Du Monde

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