11 May 2009

Crescent City Brewhouse

Let me fire the first warning shot across the bow: Crescent City Brewhouse hates vegetarians. Posts on this blog always address places that are vegetarian-friendly. And Crescent City Brewing is just about the opposite of that. The meatless menu is limited to baked brie and a salad.

Also, the ground floor is virtually a seafood raw bar that smells as such. If you can get past these issues, however, Crescent City makes some tasty brews.

The easiest places to escape the veggie prejudice at the brewpub are the open air balcony on the second floor, and of course with the convenient New Orleans vehicle called the Go-Cup. Plan accordingly.

The best of the regular brews is the Red Stallion. This Viennese-style, red lager possesses a medium carbonation, a surprisingly rich malt character offset by a clean alpha hop note. The finish is grassy and malt-driven.

Other regular brews include a weiss, a Schwarzbier-like black beer and a classic pilsner. The seasonal offering was a dunkelweiss. If you're following the theme, all of the beers are rooted in a Teutonic tradition.

Crescent City Brew Pub

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