26 May 2009

Jimmy V's Grill and Pub

I took too long to walk over to Jimmy V's and I was beaten to the press by Columbus Alive. But they dropped the ball by not discussing vegetarian dining options at the Brewery District enclave, so I can at least add something to the discussion.

Jimmy V's Grill and Bar is a restaurant and bar with roomy patio accommodations. The menu is mainly Greek food, but there are sandwiches and pasta dishes if Greek food isn't your thing.

There are tons of vegetarian starters. Saganaki, hummus, grape leaves and skordalia are four of the meatless appetizers. There are also a number of meatless salads. In addition to pasta dishes, there are also veggie gyros available as main courses.

I sampled the cold appetizer platter. It had garlicky hummus, even more garlicky skordalia (a cold potato and garlic dip) and an olive, red peppers and feta cheese dip with vegetarian grape leaves. It was all served with warm pita and a trough of tzatsiki. The plate could easily be shared by two or three people.

The veggie panini has the requisite grill marks. It is made with a mozzarella cheese, spinach, red peppers and onions. It is served with a choice of chips, fries, onion rings or one of the scores of other sides.

Jimmy V's features a large selection of domestic and imported macro brews with a variety of happy hour specials. There is also a cocktail menu with a standard list of sugar shock martinis.

Jimmy V's

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