13 August 2007

The Final Answer Is...

Jack of All Trades Merv Griffin, the former talk show host who created "Jeopardy" and "Wheel of Fortune," died of prostate cancer Sunday. Griffin was so multi-talented, he even composed the Final Answer Jeopardy theme, a move that should no doubt allow him to live on forever in movie scenes where some dummy has to figure out something that is bleeding obvious in a drawn out, low comedy sequence.

The big news for the day centers around the resignation of Karl Rove, the White House linchpin. The Huffington Post blog criticized the excuse of "family reasons" for Rove's departure. Rove is giving Michael Vick ideas for how to put a public relations spin on his latest batch of trouble...family problems.

A humongous rally in Jakarta culminated with group calling for the resurrection of the Muslim caliphate, in essence creating a global Islamic state. Hopefully they have a plan for the faith's willful aversion to science and the seeming inability for Sunnis and Shi'a factions to get along in Iraq. Slate views Al Qaeda and Al Qaeda in Iraq as branches of the same bank, meaning there is one less hurdle to clear for the reactionary religion to turn the clock back to the year 800.

A report in the Christian Science Monitor reports on the defense attorneys for Jose Padilla accusing the terror investigators of causing the defendant's mental illness through their harsh interrogation and confinement techniques. Prosecutors are countering by calling Padilla's injuries fake, much like wounds sustained by Pacman Jones on TNA wrestling Sunday night.

Finally, if torturing prisoners doesn't upset the American people enough, perhaps the Congressionally-approved ability to secretly spy on Americans will get people up in arms. Most people haven't been tortured in a secret jail in Poland or Romania...but they have experienced that nagging, Big Brother feeling of being slowly choked of their individual liberties. Keep track, because many of the people running for election next term are responsible for passing this legislation. Payback can be a bi-yotch.

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