23 June 2007

Comfest Vegetarian

Comfest is Columbus' opportunity to show the world that the city isn't as quaint and old-world as one might think. The event provides a soapbox for the anti-corporate hippie mass to rail against the status quo. While the reality of Columbus as a cultured metropolitan oasis has been greatly exaggerated, this year's local band showcase with 32 ounce beers does feature some decent veggie options for your outdoor dining pleasure.

Benevolence Cafe offers vegetarian wraps on sprouted pita bread. Some of the options include falafel, hummus and other Mediterranean favorites. There isn't a dead animal on the entire menu. The restaurant features some great vegetarian and vegan selections and prides itself on commitment to the environment.

Flavors of India offers a plethora of vegetarian options. There is a vegetarian platter as well as a number of single vegetarian options like palak paneer (or panir), which is cubed Indian cottage cheese served in spiced spinach. They had run out of samosas before I got there, which is good because if they were vegetarian, I would have eaten 20 of them. I recommend washing the Indian food down with an enormous plastic glass of Columbus Pale Ale, a beer with enough hops flavor to compliment the seasoning of whatever veggie delight suits your fancy.

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