12 June 2007

Cubs Win, the Rest of America Loses

Power hitting (and face punching) pitcher Carlos Zambrano did his best for the Cubs, pitching eight innings and hitting a long ball. I still can't comprehend what bizarre alternate reality has the Cubs in second in their division.

The Richmond appeals court poked a bunch of holes in Bush's scare tactic approach to justice by declaring the indefinite detention of a citizen from
Qatar to be un-Constitutional. I'm sure they had to see that coming eventually. If nothing else, the Onion take on the bumbling attorney general coupled with an ethically challenged hand crafted department of conservative jurists probably explains why it took so long.

In continuing Iraq coverage, Mother Jones offers a fantastic, interactive lie-by-lie coverage of the Iraq war. Reports continue to indicate that those lies are going to keep us permanently entrenched in the country. Experts predict the troop backlash will worsen with time. The Cincinnati Reds bullpen is more popular in Hamilton county than U.S. troops are in Baghdad, and both show evidence of getting worse.

The retention and recruitment rates of the military are down, and the reasons why keep multiplying. A troop training domestically is lost and unaccounted for. Hopefully he just got the right idea and left.

Law professor Geoffrey Stone came down hard on the military's exclusionary don't-ask-don't-tell policy. He compares the policy with the separate but equal legislation of the past. Also coming down badly for those who working for the military PR machine was the Air Force admitting to the long-rumored gay bomb. I hope at some point the culture of the military can catch up to the culture of Birmingham, Alabama at the minimum in the near future.

The war crimes machine at the Hague keeps churning, with Serb Milan Martic starting his trial for his role in the troubled region's ethnic cleansing. That court definitely gets to see the creme de la creme of international scum mongers. Charles Taylor, Slobodan Milosevic and the Pan Am bombing suspects all hung out in the Hague. I wonder how long it will be before they get Bush and Cheney in front of the bench.

The bizarre story of the last week has been the young man serving a 10 year sentence for oral sex. The sentence was thrown out, but the kid is still in jail based on a legal pissing contest. If you want to see a guy who is spiritually opposed to going down on his lady, Genarlow Wilson is probably that guy.

It's in and it's official...Vince McMahon is not dead, it was a stunt. Wrestling fans fall for the stupidest things.

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mikebarrettisapunchingbag said...

Vince is alive??!!

Thank God! I thought Donald Trump was going to take over!

Since you seem pretty up on things, can you tell me if Col. Sanders is really dead? My cousin Leroy told me it's so, but I just don't believe that turd tosser.

Keep up the good work!