27 June 2007

Hippie Colleges and Sixties Plagiarists

Led Zeppelin...rock legends or dubious frauds? According to a report on Classic Rock Central, every song but one on the first Led Zeppelin album is plagiarized. Recently the songs' original composers have begun to receive credit and compensation for the songs. It looks like somebody else is taking a mud shark to the legend of Led Zeppelin.

The CIA has let a few skeletons out of the closet by releasing classified documents that detail domestic espionage and assassination plots hatched by the intelligence agency. While some material paints the organization as rather callous, recent torture allegations and secret prison sites operated by the current CIA will probably make most of this ethical quandary look like a hiccup.

Gordon Brown is taking over the Prime Minister's post for the exiting Prime Minister/newly-appointed Middle East Envoy Tony Blair. The only other seat with people waiting in anticipation for a more suitable replacement than the British PM post is the CBS Evening News Desk.

Even the GOP is jumping off the Iraq train wreck. Republicans in Congress are calling for a detailed plan for troop withdrawl. Many of the critics come from Bush's support base. How does the line go about the rats and the sinking ship?

Dick Cheney makes Barry Bonds seem likable. His latest identified gaffe involves a report of Cheney being the architect in charge of an Oregon irrigation effort in 2002 that later became the largest fish kill in the region's history. It doesn't matter what Cheney is involved in; be it Halliburton or agricultural enterprise, it probably stinks.

The Christian Science Monitor details a health care mandate in Massachusetts that could serve as a model for a national medical care system. As a full-time student with a part-time insurance plan, national health care sounds better than the present system. All I know is I'm throwing a few bucks in to see "Sicko" by Michael Moore as soon as it is released.

Retired football players are fighting for a retirement package that covers the medical fallout after their playing
career. The only profession with a worse retirement plan than the old NFL is professional wrestling. The worst part is that the active participants like Chris Benoit and Ricky Williams have access to all the medical supplements they need while older participants are left to twist in the wind.

Finally, Ohio's state hippie college Antioch shut its doors for what could be the last time. Bob Fitrakis detailed the important contributions made by this liberal, liberal arts institution. With new polls identifying the liberal slant of youth, it is evident that young minds (as well as those who manufacture patchouli and nag champa) need Antioch and places like Yellow Springs to maintain their existence.

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