18 June 2007

Every Little Thing You Do Is Tragic

Photo by Christopher Berkey/NYTimes

The stench has dissipated from Manchester, Tenn. now that the yearly musical cornucopia of Bonnaroo has wrapped up. This festival offers acts from across the musical spectrum as opposed to consisting of Trey, Dave and their lackey offspring. Some acts are great, while relying on Tool and the Police as the headliners is questionable at best and pathetically reminiscent memories of way-back-when at worst. Blogs and news outlets were all over this as these links show. Rather than express my distaste for mega-festivals and their destruction of local and regional music scenes, I'll let the Web links speak about something else.

Apparently Alberto Gonzales and the White House (along with their primitive understanding of the inner workings of the legal system) are screwing themselves in court with their controversial firing of eight judges. At least somebody is paying the price for what seemed like political suicide six weeks ago.

More bad news is coming from Walter Reed. The mental care in the military is as bad as the other care, suffering from the shortsightedness of both the White House and the Legislature. By 2008, the veterans of the conflict alongside everybody else are going to need mental care after listening to eight years of Bush rhetoric coupled with two years of Democratic excuses.

Separatist rebels in Ethiopia are criticizing the tactics of the much larger Army. It sounds much like the Tampa Bay Devil Rays fans complain about how the Yankees keep winning.

The United States has taken pollution to the next level. Now, instead of merely producing pollution domestically and spreading it around the world the old fashioned way, smelters are producing voluminous quantities of lead to poison the local population in Peru. The United States has proven that if we can't offend you one way, we'll find something to irritate you eventually.

Kobe Bryant has announced on his blog that he wants to be traded. He announced this after he announced that he was staying after he announced he wanted to be traded after he announced he was staying in basketball after he announced was going to become a vegan chef in Malibu after he announced he was going to become a documentary film maker after he announced he wanted to be traded.

A 111-year-old Japanese man credits his longevity to steering clear of alcohol. Apparently the world's oldest man never got an opportunity to check the research literature.

Elvis Presley, a man who lived the opposite of a teetotaler's life, had his gun and prescription medicines auctioned off in Beverly Hills. Apparently the definition of what qualifies as memorabilia is All Shook Up. Elvis did enough drugs to wind up in a Jailhouse Rock. I would have a Suspicious Mind to look into the validity of Elvis' prescription meds.

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