05 June 2007

Mistretta's Italian Market

I was cruising out to Mistretta's on North Shafer St. to buy some cheese, because lord knows if I could only take one food with me to a desert island, it would be cheese. Of course I'm not sure how to keep cheese fresh on a desert island. I might need a cheese cave and an assortment of soft-ripened selections or other ageworthy delights. That would make for a fairly surreal island stay. All I have to find out is pick an album if I also get to take one of those with me, and figure out what that would be (probably "A Love Supreme" by John Coltrane).

But back to Mistretta's...they feature some lovely sides alongside pasta dishes and sandwiches that are clearly labeled vegetarian. I sampled the Tuscan Grilled Cheese, which was made on panini bread with smoked mozzerella, tomatoes and basil. You can make up your own meal choices with the store's high end gourmet convenience items, or order a number of salads, soups or other sides. The mac and cheese looked delicious.

It's a really nice deli. I'll certainly be back when I need a dairy reload, and I'll be sure to sample something else.

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