28 June 2007

Edwards Should Get a Doctor to Look at His Coulter Rash

Ann Coulter, the controversial neo-con sexpot, drew fire from critics after she told reporters that she wished that John Edwards would be killed by terrorists. She was later demolished by Mrs. Edwards on the Chris Matthews show. Ann Coulter is a terrible human being. I also can't stand Eddie the Ambulance Chaser. Hopefully somebody can get John Edwards and Ann Coulter into the Thunderdome and let them battle each other to the death.

Democrats in the Senate finally accomplished something, subpoenaing the White House on the warrantless wiretapping program. Finally somebody is going to make sure Brainy Cheney isn't going to run roughshod all over the Constitution. Even the conservative rag The New Republic identified Cheney as the second most reckless VP of all time behind Aaron Burr, demonstrating the erosion of Cheney's base of support.

The new plan in Iraq (coming on the tail of a dozen or so other plans) is to focus efforts on Sunni militias in Iraq. There is a hope that this latest plan won't be as catastrophic of a failure as the last 12 mistakes hatched by the military in Iraq.

Tony Blair was so unpopular in the United Kingdom that he decided to take over as envoy to the Middle East. Tony Blair's agent will most likely get Bucky Dent a job managing the Boston Red Sox in the next few years.

On the campaign front, Giuliani has chosen his running mate for President, and that running mate is fear of terrorism. Just don't ask him about any other issues because he will stammer and change his opinion repeatedly in a Romney-esque fashion.

Hillary Clinton had her weakness outed in a Slate column. They didn't need a political science Ph.D. to tell me that people don't like her.

In new media news, Web radio stations returned from their one day blackout protest of royalty rates. I'm not a business man, but I'm guessing ceding control of the Web airwaves to big business is not the best approach to winning the battle. Keep the battle in court, please.

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The headline of this post is what leading scientists are now referring to as "pure, unadulterated awesome."